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Harry Potter Humour & Crack

Humour and Parodies for Harry Potter Fans

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Harry Potter crack, parody, and humour fic/art.
Welcome to HP-Crackdealers, where we adore the absurd and revel in the ridiculous! This is no longer a fest-only community and posting is open to all members.

What you can post here: Crack, parody, or humour fic and art. Any pairing or no pairing, any length, all ratings. You can post your work in the community or link to it on your own journal. You may also post recs for works by other people.

Please do:

  • Include full header information--title, pairing/characters, rating, word count (if applicable), warnings--even if you're linking to a post on your journal or an archive, or recommending someone else's work.

  • Use lj-cuts for all art posts and for any fic longer than a drabble (100 words).

  • Flag your post accordingly if it contains adult content. You don't have to friends-lock such posts to the community, but you can if you want.

Please do not:

  • Post ads. Only the community's owner can do it.

  • Post art depicting minors (under 18) engaged in sexual activity. Fic of this type is OK, but warn accordingly (chan or underage). Yes, even though you're just being silly.

  • Post straight-up badfic. It is possible to write a purposeful badfic parody that is hilarious, but it's a fine line to tread. As a rule of thumb, if the story is so "WTH?" that you'd wonder if it was a troll (written for the purpose of mockery/disruption) if you hadn't written it yourself, you might need to scale it back a bit.

  • Be a jerk.

Here's some examples of the kinds of things we'd love to see here:

The Hogwarts Breakfast Club
The &^%$#@! Profanity Jar
The Most Popular Halloween Costumes of 1998

9 Ways Draco Malfoy Never Went Insane
Harry Potter and the Crack That Follows
Thinking of England
The 500 Socks of Severus Snape

but not Just plain bad:
HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (this is crack all right, but takes it too far)

For questions, help or suggestions, please contact a mod via PM or email. :-)